The Heavenly Soundworks team is actively working on refining our loudspeakers and excited to offer them for sale soon!

In the meantime,

enjoy the teaser images below!!


All of our loudspeakers use only the best technologies available. From speaker drivers to amplifiers to digital signal processers and all the way down to wiring and terminals no expense is spared and no corners are cut.

User Experience

Our mission is to provide the absolute best audio experience in the easiest possible way. Just plug them in to the wall, and listen to your favorite streaming music service like it was coming straight from the music studio.

Ease of Use

Seriously, just plug them in. Pull up the app and play your music like never before. Easy!

Enjoy the Music

That's what it's about right? No need for expensive amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, digital to analogue converters, speaker cables and conditioners, receivers and tuners, etc... 

Everything you need is inside, no need for anything else.

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