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Audiophile Style reviews the FIVE17

Thank you Audiophile Style for your review of the FIVE17 system!

A few notable quotes are captured here, for the full review follow the link at the bottom of this post! (Spoiler Alert: The demo set of FIVE17's lent out for this review did not make a return trip!)

"Many of the speakers I have listened to provide an “Impressionist Painting” view of the music. The FIVE17 speakers present a high resolution photograph."

"The FIVE17 is a different beast with vocals. JUST WOW!"

"The FIVE17 has the most natural presentation I have ever had in my home."

"I am still trying to find the right descriptive language to express what I feel from the FIVE17 low registers. There is a depth there you have to hear to understand."

"In comparing them to the FIVE17, the Kii Threes are dry and somewhat analytical. The FIVE17 speakers are more "organic," have more PRAT, and a more comfortable listening experience. The bass extension is significantly lower."

"I am still at a loss to describe what I hear in the low end of the FIVE17 speakers. Do they move the room? Design, DSP engineering, and driver selection magic?"

Check out the full review over at Audiophile Style!

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