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Heavenly Soundworks introduces the FIVE17 Active Loudspeaker System

“With the launch of its first product, the company looks to provide the “ultimate listening experience in the easiest way possible”

Heavenly Soundworks, a new, premium loudspeaker manufacturer, started by the father and son team of Kevin and Jonathan Couch, are looking to transform the hi-fi experience as they launch their brand with the introduction of their first available product, the FIVE17. The FIVE17 is the smallest in their lineup of active loudspeaker systems and the first available for purchase. Intended for the discerning audiophile, the Heavenly Soundworks product offering sets a new standard for audio performance and ease of use.

“At Heavenly Soundworks, our vision is to provide the ultimate audio experience in the easiest way possible,” said Jonathan Couch, Co-Founder of Heavenly Soundworks. “We do this by using the latest science and technology available and we are excited to announce the FIVE17 as our first available product that meets those high standards”.

This loudspeaker system is the first in their lineup that aims for the very best audio reproduction without all of the hassle typically associated with high end audio. “The typical audiophile journey is littered with misinformation and requires large investments of time, money, and trial and error in an effort to maximize the performance of your audio system” says Kevin, “With Heavenly Soundworks products we deliver an audio experience as close to perfection as possible right out of the box. No need for expensive amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, digital to analogue converters, speaker cables and conditioners, receivers and tuners, etc. All of the complicated stuff is built into the system, all you need to do is give it a music source, we’ve handled the rest.”

This combination of performance and ease of use is made possible by the technology built into these systems. With integrated amplification and powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processing) the system achieves perfect alignment of time, phase, and crossovers of drivers while also perfectly addressing driver power and sensitivity requirements. All of this results in a frequency response that rivals that of much larger and more expensive systems, +/- 1dB from 30 HZ up to 20,000 HZ and usable low frequency output down to 24 HZ.

The FIVE17 is a bookshelf or stand-mount design standing just over 15” high with a width of 8.5” and depth of 11.5”, but even in this small footprint, Heavenly Soundworks has not compromised on sound quality, choosing to go with a full-range, 3-way design for optimal sound reproduction. Being an active design, each driver has a dedicated amplifier built into the enclosure with total available power of 350 Watts (125 W for the woofer, 125 W for the Midrange, and 100 W for the Tweeter). Bass extension down into the 20’s is made possible using two 8” High Excursion Passive Radiators.

A unique feature of the FIVE17 system is the three distinct tunes, or presets that are programmed into each system, each meticulously designed for a specific volume range. These presets are based on the latest science available concerning the sensitivity of human hearing at different volume levels. This setup ensures that you experience all of your music no matter the volume level. Changing presets and adjusting volume is all handled easily with the included remote control.

Don’t let all the technology scare you, the Heavenly Soundworks team has worked tirelessly to ensure the listeners experience is more about the music than the tech. Or, as Kevin (the man behind the presets and tuning) puts it, “If hearing the music the way the musician heard it matters - think Heavenly Soundworks”.

Each Heavenly Soundworks loudspeaker system is designed, engineered and hand built in the USA. The FIVE17 is available now and built to order. Each set is priced at $10,000 USD and includes power cables, digital audio cable (for connecting the two speakers) and remote control. Additionally, matching stands are available for an extra $1,000 USD.

Heavenly Soundworks products are sold directly from the manufacturer and can be purchased at

For further information about the FIVE17 system please email us at


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