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Heavenly Soundworks Newsletter - February 2021


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The Heavenly Soundworks FIVE17 loudspeakers were officially announced in December and the first reviews are starting to publish! Thanks to Audiophile Style and Next Best Thing Studio for spending some time with the system and sharing their thoughts! Some highlights can be seen below with links to the full reviews. Keep an eye out for more reviews in the coming months!

Audiophile Style Review and Comparisons

Bob's review of the FIVE17's at Audiophile Style offered us a unique experience. We were able to hand deliver the FIVE17's and spend an afternoon with Bob listening in his room and comparing between several other loudspeakers he had on hand (Kii Three's, Dutch & Dutch 8c's, and Buchardt A500's). While our impressions of this speaker shootout might be a bit biased... you can check out Bob's thoughts in some of the quotes from his review below. SPOILER ALERT: The demo set of FIVE17's lent out for this review did not make a return trip! Bob purchased the set and they are now his reference speakers!

"Many of the speakers I have listened to provide an “Impressionist Painting” view of the music. The FIVE17 speakers present a high resolution photograph."

"The FIVE17 is a different beast with vocals. JUST WOW!"

"The FIVE17 has the most natural presentation I have ever had in my home."

"I am still trying to find the right descriptive language to express what I feel from the FIVE17 low registers. There is a depth there you have to hear to understand."

"In comparing them to the FIVE17, the Kii Threes are dry and somewhat analytical. The FIVE17 speakers are more "organic," have more PRAT, and a more comfortable listening experience. The bass extension is significantly lower."

"I am still at a loss to describe what I hear in the low end of the FIVE17 speakers. Do they move the room? Design, DSP engineering, and driver selection magic?"

Check out the full review over at Audiophile Style!

Next Best Thing Studio Review

Jay over at Next Best Thing Studio spent some time with the FIVE17's. Will his self proclaimed bias against active loudspeakers keep him from enjoying the sonic performance that the FIVE17 delivers? You be the judge...

"FIVE17 is one of the best active speakers, scratch that… one of the best speakers I’ve reviewed to date."

"This speaker is fantastic for $10K in terms of it’s sonics…"

"For $10K, hand crafted in the USA, extremely great finish, extremely great sound, I think they have nailed it. They have done the homework for you to get a great sound out of the box."

"Extremely detailed and nuanced without being sharp and edgy. It is just about right in my opinion."

"These are a perfect fit for small to medium sized rooms and if you don’t want an amplifier, pre-amplifier and all this mess and you just want a simple system that’s sound can compete in the $10K region and above in some cases then this speaker is an excellent consideration."

Check out the full review on YouTube!



With a background of designing and building passive speakers, designing active loudspeakers has been quite the journey! The photo you see here is one of our Co-Founders, Kevin working on an early prototype speaker that eventually turned into the FIVE17.

An even earlier prototype of the electronics can be seen here. Many iterations and refinements have happened between that picture and now, all in the pursuit of the best sound possible!


Upcoming News

More Reviews

Keep an eye out for more reviews of the FIVE17's in the coming months!

Audio Shows

The Heavenly Soundworks team is working on plans for the upcoming high end audio trade shows later this year! We're looking forward to spending time with the audiophile community and showcasing the FIVE17's. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to the show dates.

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