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Heavenly Soundworks Newsletter - July 2021


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Jonson Lee of PMA Magazine selected Heavenly Soundworks as the best room at The Home Entertainment Show 2021!

The Heavenly Soundworks team had a great time at The Home Entertainment Show held in Long Beach, California just a few weeks ago. Armed with a pair of our FIVE17 stand-mount loudspeakers we weren't aiming for good sound, we were aiming for the best sound at the show!

Now, this may seem impossible if you based your performance expectations on price tag alone. The show was home to systems with total costs of several hundred thousand dollars! Our system, which consisted of the FIVE17's, their stands, and a Bluesound Node 2i streamer, could be duplicated for under $12K. How could we compete?!

Many attendees over the 3-day event commented on the superior sound quality of our room, but one attendee in particular was armed with a plan to truly put the best rooms to the test!

Enter Jonson Lee, a local to California but contributor to the Canadian magazine PMA (The Power of Music and Audio Magazine). Jonson and his wife came prepared with 3 recordings that they were extremely familiar with and requested to demo them in each room. Jonson didn't stop there, he also requested that the volume be set at the same level so that he could compare the systems on a level playing field.

Thank you Jonson for your unique take on reviewing loudspeakers at a Hi-Fi show. We are truly honored that you enjoyed our system and selected us for the top spot!

Jonson's recap of the top 3 rooms can be seen over at PMA by clicking the button below.

To read more about Jonson's method of comparing systems at THE Show, read the second installment of his show coverage here.



Heavenly Soundworks live stream with Jiles at Home Theater Fanatics!

Kevin and Jonathan, the Heavenly Soundworks co-founders, sat down with Jiles at Home Theater Fanatics on Youtube for a live stream discussion about active loudspeakers.

Jiles was covering THE Show as one of their social media ambassadors. He spent some time with us in the Heavenly Soundworks room and was impressed with the sound quality and amount of bass coming out of our FIVE17's!

We caught up with him one evening after the show and can attest that Jiles is a great guy and truly is an audio enthusiast! He invited us to join him on his weekly Youtube live stream and talk a little about our story and why we build Active Loudspeakers.

SPOILER ALERT: Their is also a sneak peak of Heavenly Soundworks' next speaker model!

To see the full live stream click the button below.

Be sure to check out Home Theater Fanatics on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for more great content!


Audiophile Junkie - YouTube feature of Heavenly Soundworks

Jason over at Audiophile Junkie also spent some time in our demo room at THE Show. He caught most of our conversation on video and included it in a feature on his channel.

Jason was also impressed with the performance and simplicity of our system. He had some great things to say about the execution of our loudspeaker design that you can see in his video by clicking the button below.

He also connected with one of the songs we had on our playlist which you can see in his feature as well.


Upcoming News

New Heavenly Soundworks speaker model!

Now that the cat is out of the bag... look for more information on the Heavenly Soundworks FIVE21 coming soon!

Heavenly Soundworks FIVE21

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