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Heavenly Soundworks official Qobuz Playlist!

Heavenly Soundworks is now an official Qobuz Hi-Fi Audio Partner! This means you can find our very own custom playlist of demo tracks curated by Kevin and Jonathan, the founders of Heavenly Soundworks. Click the button to check it out!

About the "Heavenly Soundworks Demo Tracks" Playlist:

A selection of great, well-recorded music compiled by the Heavenly Soundworks team.

Whether at home or in the studio, our loudspeakers are designed to elevate the music experience. Bringing the sound back to life as if the artists were sitting in your listening room.

These tracks have been selected because of three things:

1. The quality of their recordings

2. The diverse range of genres, styles, and sounds that truly test a system's capabilities

3. Because we like them... :)

An excellent system will play all of these tracks with clarity, definition, and realism, immersing you in the music as if that artists were in the room.

Happy listening!

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